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About Us 


Langit-Langit is a group of independent Balinese Architects & Engineer team up together to tackle property projects in Bali & beyond founded since 2007. The group also consist some partners who specialised in Landscape design, Interior design, Architectural drafting, Civil Engineer, Mechanical & Electrical Engineer, they were all by chance come from same almamater school of engineering Udayana University,Bali.  

Our vision is simple. To create highly functional living spaces and work spaces which truly inspire. Although we Design / Build to any specification, our focus is on modern tropical architecture with great emphasis on high standards of quality we firmly believe everyone is entitled to. 

Bali is a paradise of endless natural beauty. Each piece of land has a voice all its own and we go to great lengths to recognize and capitalize on this in every project we undertake. By synergizing the designs and concepts we create for our clients with the distinct qualities of each location, we first perfecting the dreams, then bring them to real life. Whether it’s commercial or residential, simple renovations or new construction, Langit-Langit is ready to serve you with pride.